Trade fair visitor information

Dear Trade Fair Visitors,
“No sooner has one trade fair ended than another one starts”. This old adage has never been more pertinent than in the digital revolution age, where traditional specialized and open to the public trade fairs are complemented by their virtual counter part.
From now on you can not only visit, contact and look for your chosen businesses, products and services at actual trade fairs, but also do so in a virtual environment that supplements your real life trade fair experiences, by searching online trade fairs and trade fair categories.
Utilizing advanced and sophisticated technologies we offer a virtual market place that enables communication on multiple levels between organizers, exhibitors and you as a visitor.
Take advantage of the benefits virtual online trade fairs present.
  • Easy and convenient: We bring trade fairs to you, wherever you may be! FAIRSPAZE delivers trade fair exhibitors you may be interested in as well as their products and services, to your office, home or even on the move. Compact and straight to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Stress-free and just in time: Whenever you need specific information, you have the opportunity to access our extensive FAIRSPAZE online trade fair catalog – for free! 365 days a year, 24 hours a day (you are only required to register if you wish to enter a trade fair stall or chat room in order to communicate with exhibitors and other visitors)
  • Easy to use exhibitor search tools: only two clicks away from any exhibitor, your desired product or service. In addition to our speed search tool, individual category menus make it easy for you to find suppliers, products, topic headings and search terms.
  • User-oriented content: Information regarding offered products, topic contribution, content or up to date news facilitate quick answers to any queries.
  • Online shop: Insofar as exhibitors offer this option, you can place orders straight away and book any products and services in real time directly via the online trade fair stall.
  • Contact and communication as if you were really there: Insofar as exhibitors choose to offer this service, you have the option of accessing any product information or business contribution from your home or office and communicate with the exhibitor directly. A multitude of contact preferences exist; such as email, live chats (with trade fair exhibitors or other visitors at your stall or in one of our virtual lounges) and live video conferences are at your disposal.
Let yourself be inspired. Let our idea excite you, and be persuaded by what we have to offer.
We are happy to answer any queries you may have – any time.
Your FAIRSPAZE Fair Team.