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Welcome to FAIRSPAZE, your professional online trade fair partner

We offers you an effective solution for being accessible to your customers 365 days a year: the virtual continuation of traditional specialized and open to the public trade fairs.  In the age of WEB 3.0 online trade fairs represent the perfect fusion between real trade fairs and the Internet, making them an ideal communication platform allowing you to attract new customers.

You will be able to find all necessary information at a glance. So let us inspire you, get excited about our idea, and be persuaded by the advantages this future-oriented service has to offer you.

In particular the following may benefit:

  • Any exhibitors already attending real trade fairs may benefit by continuing either a specialized trade fair or trade category in a virtual environment
  • Entrepreneurs who, due to either cost or time constraints, have not been able to attend real trade fairs
  • Entrepreneurs already engaging in and paying for online marketing such as Google AdWords
  • (A small part of) your marketing budget is used efficiently in order to provide you with an effective means of attracting new customers.
  • Your business’s website will additionally profit from increased online traffic
  • Businesses discovering the advantages offered by the new playing field of the Internet
  • Those wanting to make the most of the WEB 3.0 age!

Online trade fairs offer your business an ideal way to combine real trade fairs with the unlimited possibilities of the Internet.

  • You will remain up to date because you will be able to exchange, supplement and expand your products and services throughout the entire duration of the term
  • Moreover, we are happy to take over any online maintenance and support
  • You will attract professional visitors, who can specifically search for your products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Contacts become longer lasting – a greater intend to buy develops
  • Your current reach is increased exponentially, allowing you to automatically gain new contacts
  • You can specifically direct your visitors towards your website and your sales or business locale(s), thereby increasing online traffic, which in turn multiplies your volume of sales and profits

By having a visible online trade fair stall your business can profit from its presence in the real world. Traditional marketing is supplemented by the successful interplay of both platforms:

  • Your business will increase its brand awareness in the real world
  • You will be able to reach regional as well as international target groups possessing purchasing power
  • You will minimize your logistic operations (and their associated expenses) as a direct result of interested buyers approaching you and not the other way around
  • You will position yourself as a future-oriented business with a targeted know-how organization in an ever changing market place
  • You will become more effective and increase your conversation rate due to your overall presence in the market space and across all communication platforms
  • Your business website will improve its Google ranking as it will be linked to other strong websites

Your online trade fair stall will be equipped with advanced and sophisticated communication technology of the highest standard.

  • You will be able to start quick conversations and information exchanges with your stall visitors
  • Easy integration of all common document formats such as jpg, pdf, png, movies etc.Consequently your trade fair stall will utilize multi media and above all will let you be communicative on all levels. Moreover, 3D renderings and 3D animation  together with the inclusion of your company’s CI will allow your trade fair stall to appear real and tangible 365 days a year
  • 360° stall walk-throughs convey a sense of being right in the middle of an actual trade fair stall
  • Real contact and live communication via chat, forum or conventions foster in depth and personal exchanges with newly interested parties as well as with your existing customer
  • We guarantee our exhibitors10,000 qualified trade fair stall visitors* (within 12 months) . *This only applies to BUSINESS and PREMIUM stalls
  • If target visitor numbers are not met you will be refunded your monthly fees retroactively and in full thanks to our money back guarantee
  • This refund is independent of any customers or profits you may have gained over the course of the contract term
  • You can personally view your visitor numbers via the statistics tool available upon completion of your term


Online trade fairs and online trade fair stalls

Trust in a system that will help you attract customers and their loyalty, which is easy to understand, transparent and straightforward and offers a guarantee of success. Setting up your online trade fair stall is fast and easy or by using our Template-System or simply by our support team. You don’t even need any computer programming skills!

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