HIRAL Personaldienstleistung

Our goal for you: find your new team member quickly

Tell us who you are looking for in which area of ​​responsibility, we will scan hundreds of potential candidates for you.

Our recruiting teams use algorithms, self-developed recruiting strategies and a lot of experience to quickly fill your vacancy with the ideal candidate for you.

Our experienced team is at your disposal throughout the entire process.

Fast and efficient

We bring the recruiting market into the 21st century. We use modern matching technologies that we have developed ourselves over the years. You will receive your “Perfect Match” even faster.

Top candidates

hiral finds outstanding, top-qualified candidates for your vacancies. As a rule, these are people who are not actively looking for a job themselves and who can hardly be reached via conventional job portals.

Full transparency

There are no hidden costs at hiral. Your personal contact person will inform you regularly about the status of the ongoing search for candidates and give you direct feedback from the HR market.

The hiral guarantee

If you are not completely convinced of our performance within the first four weeks, you can easily end the search. We will then refund your money - without ifs and buts.